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Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C Fish Finder

The PiranhaMAX 197c features a 256 color 320V X 240H, 3.5" display with 1600 watts PTP power output with Dual Frequency sonar.
The design also allows drop-in replacement for competitive in-dash models.

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Humminbird Helix 5 G2 Sonar Fish Finder

The HELIX 5 Sonar G2 is the most basic 5-inch Humminbird fish finder in the second HELIX generation, released at the beginning of 2017. It essentially has the same capabilities as the older Helix 5 Sonar unit but does come with the improved G2 interface.  It’s a sonar only fish finder, it doesn’t have charts or GPS, and comes with a transducer.


Technical Details and Specifications

  • Screen: 5″ diagonal, 800H x 480V pixel resolution, 256 color TFT, with LED backlight
  • Sonar: DualBeam Plus with SwitchFire
  • Depth Capability: 1,500 feet (457 m)
  • Frequency and Coverage: 200 kHz / 20° & 83 kHz / 60°
  • Transducer: Transom XNT 9 20 T
  • Power Output: 500 Watts (RMS)
  • Power Input: 10.8-20 VDC
  • Power Draw: 615 mA
  • GPS: No
  • Charts: No
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Humminbird Helix 5 DI G2

HELIX 5 DI G2 Fishfinder

The HELIX 5 DI G2 with an improved user interface and operating system, features a brilliant 800H x 480V, 5" 256 color display with backlight. Down Imaging and DualBeam PLUS sonar with 4000 watts PTP power output. Maximize your angling experience with the Humminbird HELIX 5 DI fishfinder system.


CHIRP Frequencies (Out of Box Transducer)
455 kHz:  420-520 kHz
800 kHz:  790-850 kHz

Maximum Depth:  600 feet



Down Imaging Sonar -- Get a fish-eye's view of what's happening below your boat. Incredible images are created with High-frequency sound waves.



SwitchFire Sonar -- Take command of how your sonar returns appear with our Clear and Max Modes.



Two beams combine for great detail and a wide coverage area. Use the narrow beam for high-accuracy returns and bottom. Use the wide beam when you want a larger search area.

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Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS G2 Fish Finder

The HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 comes to replace the old model Helix 5 GPS. As its name suggests, the new model features CHIRP sonar, evidently offering superior fish finding capabilities. On top of that, it’s also has AutoChart Live.  Unit also comes with the Blue Chip Charts Card that gives exceptional detail of the ocean floor.


Technical Details and Specifications

  • Screen: 5″ diagonal, 800H x 480V pixel resolution, 16-bit color TFT, with LED backlight
  • Sonar: CHIRP DualBeam Plus with SwitchFire
  • Depth Capability: 1500 feet (457 m)
  • Frequency and Coverage:
    • 200 kHz (175-225 kHz) / 20°
    • 83 kHz (75-95 kHz) / 60°
  • Transducer: Transom XNT 9 20 T
  • Power Output: 500 Watts (RMS)
  • Power Input: 10-20 VDC
  • GPS: Internal
  • Maps: UniMap
  • Auto Chart Live
  • Routes, Waypoints, Tracks: 47; 2,750; 50 (20,000 points each)

Sonar and transducer

The HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 is capable of 50/83/200 kHz, but the transducer that comes with it is the XNT 9 20 T, and supports only the 83/200 kHz frequencies. Thus, in order to use the 50 kHz mode, you will need a 50/200 kHz transducer.

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Drift Chute – Stephen Tapp design with float

Genuine Stephen Tapp Design Drift Chute/Drogue/Sea Anchor

Made from durable canvas - made to last!

The large float on the end prevents the Drift Chute from sinking down too far and makes it much easier to retrieve.

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Kayak Running Rig – Stephen Tapp Design

Made with Stainless Steel fittings and using Spectra Cord (a non-stretching cord). This is a must for the serious kayak fisherman. A Running Rig is used in conjunction with a Sea Anchor (Drift Chute/Drogue) and can be set off the front or rear of the kayak.

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Stainless Steel Fish Stringer – Stephen Tapp Design

The Fish Stringer is an essential part of your kayak fishing kit. It secures your catch to the kayak so in the event of a capsize you don't lose your dinner! It also provides an easy way of porpoising (sliding & flipping) your fish into the rear well, fish bag, or Chill Pod without having to turn around in your seat.

To use - simply thread the s/s rod through the fishe's gills and out through the mouth. Pull the extra cord through and then flip the fish into the rear of the kayak. Replace the s/s threader rod in the clip at the side of your kayakand your load is now secured.

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Stainless Steel Rod Leash – Stephen Tapp Design

Longer than the paddle leash designed to attach your rod securely to your kayak.
Spectra Cord end loops around the rod and the s/s clip attaches to the grab-line or saddle on your kayak.

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Flush Mount Rod Holder

This rod holder has been designed especially to be used on kayaks.
The holder length is shorter so that it doesn't bottom out on the inside of the kayak when mounted. The end is also sealed so that water cannot enter the kayak hull.
It is easily fitted by cutting a 50mm hole (using a circle saw) on a slight angle, where you wish to fit the rod holder - remember which way you want the Rod holder to angle!
The Rod Holder comes supplied with a self adhesive gasket. Simply screw down to secure using self-tapping s/s screws. No pre-drilling required.

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Railblaza Rod Holder II

The Rod Holder II is robust, versatile, and value for money, it will hold your rod, and you choose which position.

Rotating collar helps reduce ‘strike-theft’

Rear gimble lock reduces rod rotation for compatible rods: lifts to slide rods through

Fully adjustable 360° around, over 90° vertical

Easy access to reel when in position

Square-tooth adjustable tilt stops rotational slipping

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Railblaza Rod Holder II with StarPort Kit

Used for spinning reels, bait casting reels, boat reels, fly reels.

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Cumings Rubber Mesh Kayak Landing Net

  • Strong embossed aluminium handle
  • Stainless screws and hardware
  • Heavy elastic cord
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Kilwell Gaff

The ultimate alloy/stainless steel kayak gaff.

  • Affordable
  • 3" 75mm gape stainless hook
  • 12" 30cm alloy handle, 48cm overall length.
  • Point protector
  • Fitted with retractable bungee safety lanyard and snap clip
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Kilwell Gaff

The ultimate alloy/stainless steel snapper gaff.

  • Affordable
  • 3" 75mm hook gape
  • 20" 50cm alloy handle 68cm overall length
  • Point protector and hand loop provided
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Kayak Gaff

Designed for bringing your fish on board.  Constructed with a high-grade stainless steel hook and anodised aluminium silver tube.  Includes waterproof non-slip handle grip, and float attachment if lost overboard (eliminates the need to tie the Gaff to the kayak).  Made with a shorter handle for ease of use on board a kayak.

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Rusler Stainless Steel Kayak Gaff 8mm -Small


The all-stainless steel 8mm gaff comprise many unique features.

  • The diamond shape gaff head is designed for and provides a greater attack angle for the gaff point whether you gaff from above or below the fish.
  • The machine milled, three way cutting edge point will slice through the toughest scale mesh with ease.
  • The gaff can be resharpened by the user without compromising it's cutting edges.
  • The diamond shape head is far easier to use than the traditional shape improving success rate at first blow.
  • The gaff features a 400mm length 19mm S/S handle fitted with a point protection guard, nylon/glass handle grip and a 3mm braid security lanyard.

They are made strong and tough to suit the most testing conditions.

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Rusler Wooden Handle Gaff 8mm – Small


This Traditional Wooden Handle Gaff is an awesome addition to a Kayak.

  • The 490mm handle is made from Saligna which is an Australian Eucalyptus Blue Gum hardwood boasting a beautiful natural grain and finish.
  • Added to this is a stainless steel collar sleeve to secure the 8mm polished S/S diamond shape head into position.
  • It has a sharpened cone shape point allowing for easy resharpening when needed.
  • A nylon/glass handle grip and 3mm braid lanyard completes the presentation of this beautiful, practical working tool.

Because of it's overall length (650mm) it can be stowed away comfortably into a Kayak compartment as part of your fishing gear.

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Rusler Diamond Head Mini T-Gaff


Rusler's Mini T gaff is perfect for kayaks. It is designed to lip gaff with ease and certainty even large fish.


  • Available in a 6mm SS Diamond shape head with a long shank of 145mm it offers extreme accurate when setting and hauling your catch on board.
  • The handle is 19mm S/S and provides a comfortable grip. The Curl cord lanyard and s/s swivel clip enables attachment to the life line or bow clip.
  • For extra safety we have added a point guard.
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Rusler Wooden Priest


Made of Eucalyptus Hardwood - Australian Blue Gum Hart wood and only 390mm long and weighing in at 258gms (9 Oz.) it punches above it's weight in stopping power and effectiveness.

  • Designed with leading edge of the oval shape to administer a lethal blow with little effort.
  • Lead and Brass Insert at head for a perfect balance.
  • Braid bound grip and lanyard for a positive grip even in wet conditions.
  • Ideally suited to Kayak fishing, Jet Ski Fishing or big Game fishing.


Compact, effective and stunning !!

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