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Drift Chute – Stephen Tapp design with float

Genuine Stephen Tapp Design Drift Chute/Drogue/Sea Anchor

Made from durable canvas - made to last!

The large float on the end prevents the Drift Chute from sinking down too far and makes it much easier to retrieve.

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Kayak Running Rig – Stephen Tapp Design

Made with Stainless Steel fittings and using Spectra Cord (a non-stretching cord). This is a must for the serious kayak fisherman. A Running Rig is used in conjunction with a Sea Anchor (Drift Chute/Drogue) and can be set off the front or rear of the kayak.

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Stainless Steel Fish Stringer – Stephen Tapp Design

The Fish Stringer is an essential part of your kayak fishing kit. It secures your catch to the kayak so in the event of a capsize you don't lose your dinner! It also provides an easy way of porpoising (sliding & flipping) your fish into the rear well, fish bag, or Chill Pod without having to turn around in your seat.

To use - simply thread the s/s rod through the fishe's gills and out through the mouth. Pull the extra cord through and then flip the fish into the rear of the kayak. Replace the s/s threader rod in the clip at the side of your kayakand your load is now secured.

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Stainless Steel Rod Leash – Stephen Tapp Design

Longer than the paddle leash designed to attach your rod securely to your kayak.
Spectra Cord end loops around the rod and the s/s clip attaches to the grab-line or saddle on your kayak.

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Flush Mount Rod Holder

This rod holder has been designed especially to be used on kayaks.
The holder length is shorter so that it doesn't bottom out on the inside of the kayak when mounted. The end is also sealed so that water cannot enter the kayak hull.
It is easily fitted by cutting a 50mm hole (using a circle saw) on a slight angle, where you wish to fit the rod holder - remember which way you want the Rod holder to angle!
The Rod Holder comes supplied with a self adhesive gasket. Simply screw down to secure using self-tapping s/s screws. No pre-drilling required.

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Railblaza Rod Holder II

The Rod Holder II is robust, versatile, and value for money, it will hold your rod, and you choose which position.

Rotating collar helps reduce ‘strike-theft’

Rear gimble lock reduces rod rotation for compatible rods: lifts to slide rods through

Fully adjustable 360° around, over 90° vertical

Easy access to reel when in position

Square-tooth adjustable tilt stops rotational slipping

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Railblaza Rod Holder II with StarPort Kit

Used for spinning reels, bait casting reels, boat reels, fly reels.

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