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Length 3.6 Width 82 Weight 26 Capacity 175

Profish GT – Bixpy Electric Powered Pkg


This fantastic combination of the ultra stable Viking Profish GT and the incredible Bixpy Jet electric motor makes for the ultimate in hands free fishing and cruising!

Enjoy hours of silent kayaking at speeds of up to 8-9kph.

  • Extremely manoeuvrable
  • Up to 7 hours battery use on slow speeds
  • Fabulous paddle assist
  • 12 forward speeds, 3 reverse speeds
  • Approx. 75 minutes at full power

Comes complete with:

  • Bixpy Jet motor, battery and wireless control
  • Rudder
  • Deluxe backrest seat
  • Propelz Speed Paddle
  • Tackle Pod
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Length 3.6m Width 80cm Weight 22kg Capacity 160kg

Espri Angler

The awesome Espri Angler lifts compact fishing kayak performance to a whole new level; it’s lighter, stronger, and ready to play amongst the big boys! Multiple rod holders let you position your fishing tackle where you need it and the upgraded free paddle and seat options make your time on the water even more comfortable. This kayak puts brilliant on-water performance into a package that’s also fantastically easy to manage off the water and onto your roof rack. Selecting the Espri Angler is the right choice for those looking for a brilliantly easy to manage kayak that the whole family can enjoy while giving the flexibility to set up a true fishing “Pocket Battleship”.

  • Full safety grab lines
  • Recessed fittings for fish stringer and paddle holder
  • 2 x storage hatches
  • 6 x rod holders
  • StarPort for adjustble rod holder
  • StarPort for safety flag or nav light
  • Rear fish well
  • Deluxe Fisherman seat and Propelz 2 pc Fibre-glass Speed paddle
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Length 3.5m Width 77cm Weight 24kg Capacity 160kg

Profish 35 Inshore Fishing Kayak


The Profish 35 is a compact fishing kayak designed with lure fishing in mind.
The unique front wells give you a place to quickly drop your lure, lay the rod flat, and reposition the kayak for the next cast.
The shorter 3.5 meter length offers excellent manoeuvrability while hull shape delivers great load capacity and stability. This is a kayak for juniors and adults alike.

The large central storage well offers ample room for tackle and other essential gear. The removable lid provides security and easy access, and also makes an excellent mounting surface for electronics. The flush rod holders are within comfortable reach for larger and smaller paddlers, and the rear well offers ample storage for both fresh and salt water anglers.


Features you will enjoy:

  • Great stability, even when fully loaded
  • Large central well storage and lid
  • Perfect rear storage well for easy access
  • 2 x front lure wells.
  • 4 x flush mount rod holders
  • Paddle holder
  • 2 x StarPort HD (just add adjustable rod holders or your favourite RAILBLAZA accessory)
  • 1x 6" storage hatch with removable bucket
  • Propelz Deluxe Fisherman seat
  • Propelz fibreglass Speed paddle
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Length 4.1m Width 78cm Weight 25kg Capacity 175kg

Profish 400

Filling the “mid-size” category the Profish 400 takes Vikings incredibly robust design and wraps it in a package weighing just 24kg (unruddered) without compromising our 30 year hull warranty*. The cockpit has been ergonomically designed for greater comfort for paddlers of all sizes while still allowing the use of a variety of seating options for a truly custom fit. The sides have been scalloped to allow greater paddling efficiency while allowing maximum stability for all paddlers from those new to the sport discovering kayaking for the first time to the expert targeting trophy fish in big water. Choose the Profish 400 Lite if you’re looking for a serious paddling and fishing kayak offering the ultimate in comfort and features that’s light and easy to manage both on and off the water. This is our TOP SELLING fishing kayak!

  • Molded-in waterproof inserts
  • Centre well with polycarbonate cover and bait board
  • 2 x hatches
  • 6 x rod holders
  • Recessed side handles
  • StarPort for safety flag or nav light
  • Deluxe Fisherman seat and Propelz 2 pc Fibre-glass Speed paddle
  • Rudder system $350.00
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Length 3.6m Width 82cm Weight 26kg Capacity 175kg

Profish GT

This is the latest fishing kayak from Viking, designed for anglers looking for a compact casting platform to present baits and lures. At just 3.6m long, yet with a full size cockpit and our removable Reload Tackle Pod system, the Profish GT is exceptionally easy to handle on and off the water.  Plenty of bow lift, turned down edges, and a broad hull helps tame surf transitions. Whether you’re exploring small creeks or lobbing big baits around coastal headlands, the stability and load capacity will amaze you. Add the optional rudder and you have one of the most versatile fishing kayaks it’s possible to own.

Package includes:

  • Propelz Speed fibreglass paddle
  • Deluxe Fisherman Seat
  • Removable Tackle Pod
  • 1 Hatch with Bucket
  • Footrests, 4 Rod Holders,
  • Side Carry Handles (moulded in)
  • Paddle Park
  • Fish Stringer Park
  • Inserts for accessories
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Length 4.4m Width 77cm Weight 30kg Capacity 180kg

Profish 440 – Diving and Fishing Kayak

The upgraded Profish 440, incorporates new Viking technology. Enhanced with harder materials and lighter weight this serious fishing kayak comes with a market leading configuration as standard to suit the serious kayak angler. The Profish 440 Evolution IV is the only kayak on the market to offer such a comprehensive range of features and technology to accommodate practically every fishing style. Choose the Profish 440 if you’re looking for the ultimate combination of speed, stealth (no hull slap), stability, and versatility wrapped up in a package that’s lighter in weight and has the features to deliver a great fishing experience!

  • Large covered front well
  • Molded-in waterproof inserts
  • 2 front rod holder positions
  • Massive 28L centre well with cover and bait board
  • Separate soft bait well
  • 2 x Bait wells
  • 8 x flush rod holders
  • Deluxe Fisherman seat and Propelz 2 pc Fibre-glass Speed paddle
  • Rudder system  $350.00


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Length 4.5m Width 75cm Weight 31kg Capacity 200kg

Profish Reload

The Profish Reload combines the very best features of the Profish 400 lite and the Profish 440. Add the innovative new features and it provides the kayak angler with the finest fishing kayak available.

*Fast, stable, and easy to manage on and off the water, this is the kayak of choice for anglers seeking touring endurance combined with the stability to land record class fish!

*The Reload Tackle Pod™ system offers a worldwide first: a fully integrated and removable sounder, battery, and transducer setup combined with a large tackle storage space. It’s now quick and easy to remove or reload your valuable sounder, transducer, and tackle - the ultimate in convenience.

*With the Tackle Pod™ removed for transporting the Profish Reload is much lighter and easier to load onto your roof rack.

Features you’ll enjoy:

  • The Fastest fishing kayak in our fleet making trolling lures easy and exploring those far off uncharted grounds an exciting adventure.
  • Superior stability provides you with the confidence to target big fish.
  • The Reload Tackle Pod™ system offers the ease and speed of ‘Load and Go’
  • A Large front hatch offers storage for additional gear such as kayak trolleys and dry bags.
  • The nifty Kid Pod™ system enables you to share the fun and excitement of kayak fishing with your kids. It also provides a flat,  stable surface for fresh water anglers to stand and sight cast to unsuspecting fish.
  • Scalloped sides for improved paddle strokes.
  • The handy bait wells behind the seat can also be used as a convenient place for drink bottles.
  • Large recessed side handles make lifting and loading the Reload so much easier.
  • The nicely flared bow diverts water in choppy conditions.
  • The innovative ‘Rod Slots’ along the bow allow you to securely lay down your fishing rods -  ideal when coming and going through surf.
  • Rudder system  $350.00.


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Length 4.7m Width 90cm Weight 39kg Capacity 260kg

Tempo 2 Tandem Fishing Kayak

The Viking Tempo Fisherman 2 double answers the long awaited call for a stable, roomy, fishing and expedition double kayak. It features comfortable moulded seats, backrest, and large front and rear wells for fish and gear. These kayaks are super stable, and have been designed to be powered by an electric motor. Paddle or motor, you will enjoy many happy hours in your Tempo 2 kayak – whether you are fishing, diving, free diving or on expedition.


  • 4 x 6" hatches
  • 4 x Gear Bungee's
  • 6 x Rodholder's
  • Easy to carry handles
  • 2 x Paddle Parks
  • Large front fish/gear well
  • Large rear fish/gear well
  • Large self draining cockpit
  • Comfortable moulded seats
  • 2 x Speed paddles
  • 2 x Deluxe Fisherman seats
  • 2 x Small tackle pods



  • Foot pedal/foot rests
  • Electric Motor Mount Kit


Available colors:

  • Green / Yellow
  • Oranga/Yellow
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