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Budget Paddle

  • Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene
  • Drip ring, sealed blades and shaft
  • Bright-dipped aluminium 29mm shaft
  • Grip indicators
  • Asymetric spooned blades
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Aluminum asymmetric kayak paddle (SPLIT SHAFT)

Asymmetric kayak paddle with 3 position split shaft 60° Right/Left - Centre. Well balanced tough paddle, weighs only 40.4 oz.

  • Overall Length 86.8"
  • Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene blades.
  • Drip rings, sealed blades & shaft.
  • Bright dipped aluminium shaft ∅1.16".
  • Grip Indicators.
  • Asymmetric slightly spooned blades.
  • Weight 40.4 oz.
  • 3 position Split Shaft 60° Right / Left - Centre.
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Total length 223cm

Propelz Eco Alloy Two Piece Paddle

  • Drip Rings
  • A good all-round paddle for general use.
  • Handy notched blades are useful when fishing around mussel farms as you can pull yourself back by hooking over the ropes to reduce drifting
  • Shaft can be unclipped to reduce length which makes it easier to fit into your vehicle
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Adjustable length 220-230cm

Propelz Speed Two Piece Paddle

  • Fully adjustable for length & blade angle
  • Ovalised Hand Grip (RHS)
  • Drip Rings
  • Handy notch in blade
  • Comes apart to fit in car
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Carlisle Predator 2pc Fiberglass Paddle

The Carlisle Predator Fiber glass Kayak Paddle is extremely durable and an excellent choice for recreational paddling.

Its polypropylene blades are glass-filled for that lightweight feel and provide you with superb response.

The 29mm Fibreglass shaft is super strong and keeps your hands warms in colder conditions.



  • Drip-rings
  • Grip indicator
  • Glass fibre reinforced, injection moulded Polypropylene
  • Asymmetric cut, cupped shape for power paddling
  • Fibreglass shaft
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