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Length 2.55m Width 136cm Weight 45kg Capacity 2-3 People

Mission Dinghy $P.O.A.

Suitable for lakes, rivers and calm open water this Dinghy is ready to hit the water when you are.


The versatility of this Dinghy makes it great for the family to use in a wide range of locations. The clincker style displacement hull on this Dinghy gives it a large amount of buoyancy and with two tie off points at the bow this Dinghy is an ideal tender for a yacht or boat.


The dinghy is designed for carrying 2-3 people and comes as part of a package with two 2.1m oars and oar locks as well as a pacific mahogany plywood centre seat board.


If if rowing isn't your thing the steel transom makes fitting a 3-5 hp motor on the back easy and as its NZ made you can rely on the quality and the fact you will have it for years to come.


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Length 2.6m Width 74cm Weight 16kg Capacity 100kg


Our Lagoon kayak is made especially for smaller paddlers. The flatter hull makes it easy to paddle with excellent stability, providing confidence and safety.

The rear well is ideal for snorkelling gear and a dry bag, while the centre hatch has a bucket inside for your smaller items like keys and snack bars.

Another handy design feature is that the Lagoon is stackable so it's easy to load two on your roof racks.

Available in solid bright colors 

  • Red
  • Blue

Package includes:

  • Propelz Eco Paddle
  • Side grab handles
  • Front and Rear Well
  • 1 x Storage Hatch with removable bucket
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Length 2.7m Width 76cm Weight 17kg Capacity 90kg


A great little performer at the beach, ideal for small adults and kids as it’s so easy to use, stable and manoeuvrable. With the added bonus of a comfortable seating area with great back support and integrated footrests as well as self-draining seats and foot wells this will quickly become the kids’ favourite beach toy this summer.

With 6 brass inserts moulded into the kayak fitting the optional loop deck fittings means you can easily add attachment points for an extra backrest, paddle leash, etc.

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Length 2.7m Width 79cm Weight 17kg Capacity 120kg


A serious kayak built for fun, the Viking Ozzie shows what recreational kayaks should be capable of, playing in the waves, exploring waterways, or even launching through the rocks to find out what’s just around the corner. Much more than just a toy, this is a kayak that will take kids of all ages on an adventure. It’s short, light, and easy to manage, yet has the stability and capacity to take paddlers up to 120kg. The deeper cockpit and flatter hull give a fantastically stable ride, and the pair of hatches provides internal storage for the usual necessities. Choose the Ozzie if you’re looking for a fun kayak built for paddlers large and small.

  • Full safety grab line
  • Storage hatch with bucket fitted
  • Flush mount rod holder
  • Supplied with free alloy paddle
  • Free Seat worth $75.00 Included


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Length 3.2m Width 79cm Weight 20kg Capacity 130kg


The Nemo is a family recreational kayak that’s easy to paddle, easy to transport, and easy to store. The increase in length over the Ozzie and Pacer allows more room in the cockpit. The deeper cockpit and flatter hull give a fantastically stable ride, and the pair of hatches provides internal storage for the usual necessities. Selecting the Nemo is the right choice for those looking for a little more performance and capacity than the shorter kayaks while keeping all their easy to transports and easy to store advantages.

  • Full safety grab line
  • Storage hatch with bucket.
  • Flush mount rod holder
  • Supplied with free alloy 'split shaft' paddle and Ergo seat
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Length 3.6m Width 80cm Weight 22kg Capacity 160kg


The Espri delivers class leading performance in the waves, on the ocean and lakes, fishing or just cruising.
It’s the ultimate all-rounder offering maneuverability, speed, and stability in a package the whole family can paddle. The seating position puts your heels lower than your seat, this makes it very comfortable.

Large rear well provides adequate space for a child, the family dog or a dry bag with extra gear.

Two hatches, the one in front of the seat is easy to access while paddling, and has a bucket inside to prevent your small items getting lost inside the hull. The forward hatch provides access to the bow for added storage.

Two rod holders are fitted, you can use one for your fishing rod and the other for your net or gaff. The Espri is very stable to fish from and because it glides through the water so easily, you can venture a little futher than smaller kayaks.

Choose the Espri if you’re looking for the most versatile performer that will put a smile on your face whether you’re cruising for a couple of lazy hours, larking in the waves, or flicking out a line for dinner.

  • Full safety grab line
  • Two storage hatches
  • Two Flush mount rod holders
  • Rear cargo well
  • StarPort™ base is safety flag ready
  • Package includes a free alloy paddle & Ergo seat
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Length 2.97m Width 79cm Weight 19kg Capacity 135kg


The Mysto is an action packed kayak, compact and stable.  Its comfortable, easy to paddle and with modern lines. This Kayak gives a very “dry” ride is remarkable stable, and with the unique keel system, it “tracks” extremely well and is also a great kayak for the surf. Includes Seat and Paddle.

  • Performance keel with twin thruster fins
  • Ergonomic handles for easy lifting
  • Paddle holder & comfort seat
  • Replaceable plastic wear strip
  • Small tank well
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Length 3.6m Width 75cm Weight 21kg Capacity 150kg

Scrambler 11 $P.O.A

The perfect choice for the paddler who wants to surf a little, fish a little or just cruise around.

  • 4 x solid lifting handles (either end and both sides)
  • Provision for a rubber oval hatch for below deck storage
  • 2 x paddle bungees
  • Skid plate/wear strip
  • Large tank-well
  • Transducer scupper
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Length 5.7m Width 63cm Weight 27kg Capacity 115kg

Oxygen 5.7 Ski – Fitness & Touring

The Oxygen 5.7 is the ideal fitness and training Ski. Perfect for clubs and touring as the Oxygen Ski offers more stability than full on race versions, while still maintaining excellent hull speed.

Being made from UV stabilised HDPE means it's maintenance free and bullet proof, making it ideal for clubs as well as individuals wanting a no maintenance craft that can handle knocks and scrapes.


Suits paddlers up to 115kg

Total load capacity will depend on paddler skill and load distribution to maintain kayak trim.


Comes with rudder. No paddle or seat.

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